A Candlelight Vigil

My beloved friend, Karen Wollman, set up an Online Candlelight Vigil for Andrew. We have people from all of the world who have been praying for our sweet little boy and will not be able to join us in person for the memorial service. Please join us to celebrate the life of our child and honor our great Father in Heaven who loves us so. Post a photo of your candlelight on the event page and tag #AndrewJames.


Tonight’s Candlelight Vigil for Andrew was amazing. Thank you ALL so very much for taking the time to remember Andrew and pray for our family. We love each of you! We have continuously asked God for strength throughout this experience because we knew we couldn’t do it on our own. This is too difficult. We feel strongly that one of the ways God has provided for us is through You. His strength has come in the form of encouragement and love from others… some that we didn’t even know before two weeks ago. We are blessed beyond measure! We love you all and love our little boy #AndrewJames.