The Cure for a Broken Heart

We are all searching for the cure to something we are facing in this world…

  • A child who has left this earth before the mother who was supposed to protect him.
  • A parent gone from our lives before we are ready to no longer have the guidance and love we have always experienced.
  • A sickness that we can’t seem to beat, that keeps coming back like a unrelenting plague.
  • A beautiful marriage that desires a child to call their own only to find it’s not possible.
  • A wayward soul seeking something this world can’t possibly provide no matter the dark depths that have been searched to find it.
  • A broken marriage that you never dreamed, as a young girl with a pillowcase on your head, would be the outcome of a lifelong commitment to the man you loved.
  • A widow mourning the loss of her only love as she lays in her bed facing the night alone.
  • A hungry mother watching as her children go day after day without a meal in their stomachs.

So much pain in this broken and hopeless world.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize the heartbreak around us until we experience it on our own. We are blinded by the bubbles we live in that we forget to look up and around to see what others are experiencing. You don’t have to go to a third world country to see it. Just look around your own community.

So many people try to mend the pain by:

  • Numbing it with busyness, activities, and distractions,
  • Memorializing those who have gone too soon,
  • Dedicating a life to telling others about the sadness and grief,
  • Giving ourselves to causes around us as a way of “giving back,” or
  • Attending counseling and grief share sessions one after another to find answers.

These things may provide some temporary healing and can be a step in the right direction as you work through your grief. However, heart break has a way of rearing its ugly head one way or another – it never fully goes away on this earth. I’ve tried all of these things and can testify that they aren’t the long-term answer.

So, what is the answer?
How do you cure a broken heart once and for all?

At the end of the day, there is ONLY ONE cure.

  • There is ONLY ONE way to cope with no longer having your child in your arms to love and cherish for their whole earthly life.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to continue on without the mom and dad you love so dearly and just want to call one last time.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to stand cancer in the face and fight with all of your might.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to open your heart to other options and replace the emptiness you feel, knowing a child may never come from your own womb.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to come back from the depths of darkness you have been lulled to.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to come out on the other end of a painful divorce that you never envisioned.
  • There is ONLY ONE way to wake up each morning and continue living life without your spouse.There is ONLY ONE way to trust that food will come when you have no ability to provide it.

As much as you want Your answer to be the right one, there is ONLY ONE answer.

The ONLY ONE is Jesus Christ.

There is nothing that Jesus can’t overcome. He has already won the war against evil and defeated this world. In fact, Jesus understands like no other. He lived the human experience you are living now. His life on earth was filled with pain, humiliation, poverty, struggle, defeat, despair, and death.

The Bible doesn’t “fix” our heartbreak or problems. The Bible gives us hope that the ONE and ONLY understands and heals our heartbreak.

Jesus is the only way to peace.

Jesus is the only promise that will get you through whatever it is you are heartbroken over.

Jesus is the strength that you and I couldn’t possibly posses to deal with the things we are going through.

Has anyone ever told you “God won’t give you more than you can handle?” I’m here to tell you, that is 100% not true. God allows more than we can handle but not more than HE can handle. Not more than he can give you the strength to get through, sometimes bruised and battered, but still standing.

At the end of the day, Jesus is the ONLY ONE who will be standing out front, with all of his children behind him. He has already overcome this world. Jesus loves you beyond measure. Jesus will take you from this completely broken world to a place of beauty, peace, and everlasting life. Jesus took all of your sin, pain, sorrow, and unhappiness on his own shoulders and bore the burden you deserve to carry.

I don’t know why He allows our hearts to be broken. Trust me, I wish he didn’t! I couldn’t possibly explain why you are going through what you are. But I can promise you one thing… “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” (Psalms‬ ‭34:18‬) I have seen it with my very own eyes. I have experienced gut wrenching heartbreak that will make you want to crawl into the depths of despair so deep there is no chance for returning.

Despite my despair, I put my hope and trust in Jesus Christ and because of that, I know I will make it through. I know there is light at the end of this tunnel. And in the process, I will glorify God for his greatness, love, mercy, grace, and peace.

Jesus is the only real cure for your broken heart and is found in the waiting. Waiting for his return to take us to a perfect place away from this pain-wracked world for all of eternity. He will heal you, I promise, but you have to make a choice to put your trust in him.