A Front Row Seat to the Best Birthday Party

Bright, vibrant colored balloons fill the beautiful blue sky
Rays of sunshine radiate the most incredible warmth ever felt
A gentle breeze sweeps through the trees, grass and flowers in acknowledgment of God’s greatness
Millions of souls gather together singing in perfect harmony the most beautiful songs ever heard
Dancing fills the streets for hundreds of miles with unexplained excitement
Children paint beautiful pictures of Jesus and run with a freedom never before experienced
Happiness and exuberant joy is felt throughout Heaven
Awe cannot be contained and is expressed by kneeling in amazement
Mary bows before her son, thinking back to the night that changed the world forever, unable to fathom why God chose her to witness it first hand
All focus is centered on Jesus, the Risen King, as the words “Happy Birthday, Jesus” fill Heaven

Close your eyes and try to imagine it.

I can picture that glorious birthday scene in my head, but I must say it wasn’t easy to come up with this picture. I found myself trying to inject all of the things that we do for birthday parties here on earth. As I try to imagine it, I am incredibly aware that the reality of heaven is so much greater than anything my human brain can think up or any experience I have ever had. My vision doesn’t even begin to accurately describe how beautiful and wonderful Jesus’s birthday party is in Heaven.

While all of Heaven is celebrating, Christmas is a difficult time for many people. When there is a void in your life that you believe can only be filled by the one person who is no longer with you here on this earth, celebrating is not easy. That empty chair or baby swing or missing baby bump is a reminder that someone you love is no longer with you. Life on this earth is not exactly how you want it to be this Christmas.

But, sometimes we have to think beyond our own temporary (in the big scheme of things) grief.

A wonderful friend of mine sent me a message just after Christmas with words that were quite profound for me. She said “I pray that you’ve had a great birthday celebration for our King and took comfort in knowing your sweet baby boy is there witnessing the birthday party first hand.”

What a wonderful thought! Our loved ones, who are now in Heaven, have a front row seat to the best birthday party ever held … and will continue to experience the celebration for all of eternity. It helps me be a little more selfless when I am missing Andrew to think about what he is experiencing.

It’s possible to think beyond my own grief knowing that the life we have on earth is so fleeting – whether it’s 5 days or 90 years.

But, the promise of heaven is forever… to infinity and beyond.

Forevermore, we will celebrate the love God showed us as His one and only son entered this earth as a baby on that blessed Christmas morn.

Forevermore, we will rejoice that Jesus lived and died as a perfect, sinless man… all to save us from our own sins and give us a way to Heaven.

Forevermore, we will have a front row seat to the best birthday party, and I imagine it will take place daily rather than the one day a year we celebrate here on earth.


Wishing you and your family had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!