The Best and Worst Week – Day 1 – Andrew is Born

Day 1 – July 10, 2017

Our sweet baby boy, Andrew James Chase, was born today at 1:49 pm weighing 1 lb. 12  oz. and measuring 12.5 inches long. He is beautiful with perfectly pink skin. I am amazed at how very small he is. I was able to get a brief look at his as the baby doctors took him off to the NICU at Cook Children’s to be cared for. I’m feeling thankful and a little less anxious because Peter gets to stay with Andrew every step of the way. Second best to a mommy is a daddy!

Unexpected News

The morning started with an ultrasound that showed Andrew was not doing well. His BPP (biophysical profile) score was only a 2 due to the lack of body movement, breathing, and muscle tone. The score has fluctuated between 8 and 6 for the past two days. The doctor informed me I had two hours to get ready for delivery … I am only 27 weeks. 

C-sections are a lot more difficult than vaginal deliveries, says a mom who has delivered three babies with no issues. The operating room is not like a delivery room at all … it’s a little scary with it’s stark white lights and hard, cold metal surfaces. There’s no light dimmer or music quietly playing in the background like my other deliveries. Once the doctors got started, Andrew entered the world only 2 minutes later. Big difference from the 5 to 10 hours I experienced with the my other three babies. I asked for a clear sheet in front of me, because I wanted to see him as soon as he was born. He is this perfect, tiny baby boy!

The nurses at Harris Methodist are incredible. Amanda was my nurse today. She stayed with me through everything, comforting and calming me however she could. She took awesome pictures for me of Andrew being delivered. And she wheeled me in my hospital bed all the way over to Cook Children’s to see my baby only 2 hours after delivery. I didn’t get to see much of Andrew the first time, because they were still working to get him comfortable.

My First Real Visit

After 6 hours of resting, the feeling finally returned to my toes and legs so I got to go see my little boy. Steven and Laura, my brother and sister, came for a visit tonight. Andrew’s vitals are looking good. His pH level is up to 7.08! Praise the Lord – all of the prayers lifted up are being answered. The doctor said as long as we are moving up then we are good. She’d like to get him to 7.2 and then shoot for 7.4. The blood flow to all of his extremities is not great – it’s called profusion. They are working on improving this with a blood transfusion.

As I stand over Andrew’s little bed I am amazed at the magnificence of God … that he can create such a complex little human being weighing less than two pounds. Andrew is so alert tonight.  I think he knows I am here. When I talk to him he reacts to my voice. I could just look at him forever.

We are praying specifically that his lungs continue to work well and the fluid continues to drain. And that the AV canal heart defect doesn’t affect his well-being (big one)!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”
Psalm 139:13 NIV

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