The Best and Worst Week – Day 2 – A Positive Report

Day 2 – July 11, 2017

We received more positive news this morning. Andrew’s numbers are very slowly coming up. His pH is at a 7.16. The metabolic acidosis is still an issue. His medical angels weened him way down on the ventilator. At some point he did not like that and they had to go back up. The doctor described it as a balancing act but told us that things are looking ok. She said he does not like being messed with and wants everyone to leave him alone (that’s my boy)! Andrew’s grandparents and family members have now arrived and are by his side praying and loving him.

Message from grandfather, Charley Chase, to our supportive community:

Mary Lyn and Larry Barnett and Sue and I join our children Peter and Meredith Chase in thanking you for your prayers for Andrew James. Currently, he is, by God’s grace, holding his own. We thank God for the privilege of welcoming him into the world and believe with all our hearts that the Lord plans to use him to teach us much about his grace. Many, many thanks for praying with and for us. We praise God for each and every one of you!!!

A Visit From Sisters

The afternoon has been wonderful! Our two girls, Audrey (11) and Kaleigh (8), were able to come and meet their little brother today. Unfortunately, Lucas can’t come back because he is not three yet, minimum age requirement. The girls got to hold his little hand and talk to him while he got his diaper changed. It was a very sweet moment for this mama! They already love him so much. Like me, they are amazed at how small he is. They talked about how they can’t wait to hold him …  makes my heart very happy.

A Bit of Good News

Tonight’s doctor report is good. Andrew’s pH level is about the same at 7.15. They will continue to work at keeping it above 7.2 but are happy with his progress. I had the privilege of feeding him for the first time with a little cotton swab covered with “liquid gold” colostrum. I’ve never had issues with producing milk so we should have plenty for Andrew to enjoy. It was awesome to get to feed him. He kept trying to stick his tongue out for more. I hate to see the tube down his throat. I can’t wait for the day when he can breath all on his own.

We met with the cardiologist to talk about the AV Canal defect. He does not seem overly concerned about it at this moment. In fact, the scans are not showing one of the holes anymore. The doctor made sure to tell us not to get too excited and think this is a miracle. He said there may be air or fluid in front of it that is not allowing us to see the hole. However, I know something he may not know … my God performs miracles!

Ok… tempering my excited but every bit of good news is welcomed.

Thankfully, there are no issues being caused by Andrew’s heart at the moment so they will continue to monitor. The doctors are still focused his lungs and the blood flow to his extremities. Overall, Andrew is stable, and we remain thankful for the blessings God has given us! We are praying and thanking God for what he’s doing in our little boy’s life and for each and every one of the people in our community who are lifting us up in prayer. It’s wonderful to see God working in people’s lives through a little one pound baby.

Oh… and I finally got to take a shower after three very long days. It’s the little things in life 🙂

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